Construction complete

Construction complete! In January 2020 construction of the new factory hall started. Finished several months later and in good use since then. In the upcoming months, one of the first additions to the machinery to be installed at the new location, will be a brand new packaging line.  Watch the building progress:

Hepromij acquires 8.000m2 facility ground

Hepromij acquires 8.000m2 facility ground December 2013 – At the closing of this year, we are proud to inform you that we have finalized the purchase of an extra 8.000m2 alongside our current location. With these extra square meters, we are more than prepared for future growth! In the coming period we will further decide […]

Hepromij in ‘De Molenaar’

Hepromij in Dutch agricultural magazine ‘De Molenaar’ Building the future Jasper Versteijnen has taken over the stir of holding Van Dijck from his father Gerard. A new chapter starts for the company, in which the new generation can build upon the foundation of the former. “We have given eachother space to phase in and phase […]

Horse nutrition: EEHNC 2017

Horse nutrition: EEHNC 2017 European Equine Health & Nutrition Congress: From Nutrition to Disease and Back On March 23-24, 2017 the 8th EEHNC took place in the surroundings of the historic city center of Antwerp, Belgium. The 8th EEHNC was organised in cooperation with several departments from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Ghent University, […]

Horse feeds: anti-doping production certificate

BETA NOPS Certificate achieved​ Hepromij certified as doping-safe production location for equine feeds 26 april 2017 This week Hepromij BV received the certificate from the Feed Safety scheme of the British Equestrian Trade Association (BETA®), BETA NOPS. Hepromij BV is the first company overseas to receive this certification, and is now designated to produce horse […]

Cereals for horses; why & why not

Cereal grains for horses; is there something wrong with that? The why and why not regarding cereals grains for horses Cereals grains have served as an energy dense horse feed for ages. However from evolutionary standpoint, horses are not equipped to digest large amounts of starch. Due to this fact, health issues are very common amongst […]

Start construction of new warehouse

Start construction of new warehouse New clients, growing clients, an expanding raw material collection, a continuously growing range of packaging materials; Hepromij is growing out of its joints! To ensure enough room for now and in the future, in January 2020 a new company building will be constructed. This factory hall of 5.000 m2 will […]