Our heritage

In 1955, Kees van Dijck started the compound factory Van Dijck BV. His business expanded and soon grew out of its joint, so in the late ’80s, he built a brand new production facility in the Watermanstraat in Tilburg. However unfortunately, two weeks before the opening of the factory in 1988, he passed away. Son in law Gerard Versteijnen continued the business from there.

In the course of time, Gerard recognized a change in the animal feed market. Large collaborations and mergers happened, and meanwhile the demand for companion animal feeds grew. Coarse mixes and mueslis ousted more and more pelleted feeds. From this incipient development of muesli feeds, sales company Hepromij BV was born.

Due to a growing demand for specialty products in all markets, Gerard decided to fully focus on development and production of specialty top segment products. The company grew into the ‘Speciality Factory’ that Hepromij BV still is today.

Currently the 3rd generation, in the person of Jasper Versteijnen, Gerard’s son, is at the helm of this family company.