Quality is in every detail - in raw materials, production and finished product, but also in working methods and in our people.

In addition to the regulatory and voluntary quality systems, we apply additional quality demands. As an example, we strive to buy 99% of our raw materials within Europe, we personally visit and audit our suppliers on regular basis and we perform additional entry controls upon raw materials delivery. Furthermore, we receive a lot of additional information about the quality of our raw materials and finished products through an extensive monitoring and analyses system.

Quality systems in place:

Regulatory ‘Good Manufacturing Practices’ & HACCP

Regulatory ‘Good Manufacturing Practices’ & HACCP

Voluntary Austrian quality insurance for feed

Track & Trace:

100% of our production is traceable, from consumer to raw material origin and the other way around.

Quality assurance is one of the main reasons for us to work with Hepromij.

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