Custom mixes, meals pelleted products that require special handling.

Tiny crumbled pellets, high fat mixtures (with >40% fat) and (non-extruded) pellets, special pellet shapes, high fiber mixes, vegetable or fruit mixes with a heavy sugar coating; all are examples of products that require special handling to some extent. Production and packaging of such types of products can be challenging. However, our flexible production facilities and ‘hand production & packaging’-room provides us the possibility to do what someone else cannot – and will not – do. Next to the difficult and challenging products, we are also available for the production of less complicated premixes and semi-finished products, which you can use in your own production facilities.

One of our pet subjects is the special pellet shapes, from heart shapes to triangles to company logos, which require development and production of a new, 100% unique dye, available to you only. This innovation has been developed in-house and has the potential to give your brand that unique look you are searching for!

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Snacks in all shapes and sizes, one of our standard products or your own creation.

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