Feed with a difference

Product development

Offering 100% custom work from a flexible collection of raw materials and a variety of production techniques.


Producing pellets, mixes, meals and everything in between, up to putting liquids on organic carriers.


From 100 grams to 25 kg bags and buckets, up to 1.200 kg big bags and octabins, and bulk. All is available as MAP.

Feeds & snacks

for horses, camels, rodents and other herbivores

Horse feeds

From foals to high performance horses, from high energy to high fiber.

Rabbit & Rodent feeds

Pellets & mixed feeds, with processed cereals or grain free mixes.

Other animal feeds

From tortoise to racing camel; possibilities are limitless.

Quality systems in place

In addition to the regulatory and voluntary quality systems, we apply additional quality demands. For example, we strive to buy 99% of our raw materials within Europe, we personally visit and audit our suppliers on regular basis and we perform additional entry controls upon raw materials delivery.

100% private label

Custom made from front to end

From complete feeds to niche specialties

Clients give us an average score of 9,5 out of 10, with special appreciation for our fast communication, pro-activeness and flexibility. The fact that many of our clients have been with us for over 15 years, is a sign of consistency and co-makership.