Packaging - Labelling - Modified atmosphere

Small packaging 500 grams to 7 kg - Bags 8 to 25 kg - Big boxes/Big bags 400 to 1.200 kg - Bulk - Modified atmosphere packaging

The packaging industry is a fast moving one, in which new developments and new possibilities are everyday’s business. Especially in retail, where packaging is one of the most important determinants of success, solid information and decent advice about packaging and product-packaging combination are necessary. As a private label partner, we work with multiple packaging developers and producers. We help you determine the best packaging type, shape, size and material for your brand.
In our small packaging department, we hand-pack products in all types of packaging; from premade bags, pouches, boxes, buckets to aluminium vaccuum and modified atmosphere packaging. A carton box will be developed especially according to the size, shape and number of the packaging. The muesli and pellet packaging lines fill bags of all kinds of materials. Big boxes and big bags are available in different sizes, and pellets  and meals we can load bulk as well. We offer a choice out of euro, one-way and CHEP pallets, dried and accompanied by a certificate if desired.


Labels and stickers are applied seperately and mechanically, automatically during production the the bagging lines, or manually, when neccessary. Usable label sizes run from very small up to A3-format, and shapes may vary as well.

Prolonged shelf life

With modified atmospere packaging we double the shelf life of your products in 0,5 kg packaging to 25 kg up to even 1.000 kg big bags. Shelf life can be a deal breaker in distribution chains. Increased export and outsourced production have lengthened the time between production and consumption, thus a prolonged shelf life is an important aspect in animal feed. Issues with pest insects, storage-related loss of nutrients and color and a decreased freshness are growing more common by the day, and temperatures are rising globally and climates are shifting. Modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) provides a 100% insurance against pest insects such as mites, beetles and moths. Furthermore it significantly slows down the rate of nutrient and aroma loss, and it maintains freshness of the product as if it has just been produced. This makes it very applicable for export and products with a slow turn over rate.

MAP is available in all packaging sizes, as well as in a large range of packaging materials: from aluminium to plastic to paper and paper look (& feel).

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